This new product has Raspbian support, but will soon be portable to other Linux systems and IoT platforms.

When TeamViewer 13 still has a few months to live, the remote control software provider has introduced a new solution, TeamViewer IoT , which combines access and remote control capabilities with the latest monitoring features.

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This new software is aimed primarily at value-added resellers (VARs), systems integrators, as well as equipment manufacturers that can use TeamViewer IoT to monitor their own hardware and the rest of the company’s customers.

” TeamViewer IoT has the same level of usability, comfort and security of our flagship product and meets a critical and growing need in the IoT market: an affordable and easy-to-implement IoT device management solution, ” explains Raffi M. Kassarjian, General Manager of the TeamViewer Emerging Products Group .

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The new product starts with support for Raspbian , but they promise from the company that it will be portable to other Linux systems and other IoT platforms. From a TeamViewer account, users can configure the control panel from any web browser and install the software is a Rapsberry Pi.

Among the main innovations of TeamViewer IoT, the cybersecurity system of point-to-point encryption , double factor authentication and the Easy Access option stand out . In addition, it provides an SDK and an MQTT (Message Queue Telemetry Transport) API that allows users to collect the data and include it in the control panel. Likewise, they can integrate the TeamViewer IoT data through a REST API (Representational State Transfer) in the cloud in a different system.

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