TeamViewer IoT is presented as “an affordable and easy to implement IoT device management solution”.

TeamViewer IoT . This is called the first dedicated internet solution of things that TeamViewer has launched.

This product is characterized by combining access and remote control capabilities of TeamViewer with certain monitoring features . In fact, its creators highlight that it can access devices and control them “from anywhere on the planet.”

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“TeamViewer IoT marks an important milestone in the expansion of our product portfolio. TeamViewer IoT has the same level of usability, comfort and security of our flagship product and meets a critical and growing need in the IoT market: an affordable and easy-to-implement IoT device management solution,  says Raffi M. Kassarjian , general manager of the TeamViewer Emerging Products Group.

“Through the unique combination of secure remote access and monitoring capabilities for various IoT devices, TeamViewer IoT offers the benefits of device connectivity to a wide variety of industries and for multiple use cases,” says Kassarjian, adding that “We are very proud of this product and will continue to improve its possibilities, integrating additional IoT platforms quickly.”

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Designed for value-added resellers , system integrators, equipment manufacturers, direct TeamViewer customers and technology enthusiasts in general, TeamViewer IoT supports Raspbian although it can be ported to other Linux systems.

It comes with point-to-point encryption, works with double factor authentication and offers the Easy Access option from TeamViewer.

Another feature is that it allows quick configurations of the web-based control panel and installations in Raspberry Pi. It also delivers an SDK and an MQTT API to collect data for a flexible control panel that gives the possibility to adapt widgets and activate alerts. It is also possible to integrate data with a REST API in the cloud in another system.

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