Technological consultancy Techedge has performed an efficiency analysis of its Techedge B + SII application in the first days of operation of the Immediate Information System of VAT (SII) to the Tax Agency, and states that the result obtained yields acceptance levels of 99.6% , practically equivalent to an optimum operating standard.

The company ensures that all Techedge B + SII customers, including 10 Ibex 35 companies, are already successfully submitting their VAT records to the AEAT with minimal effort . It should be noted in this regard that only one of these customers processes more than 3.5 million invoices in one day, which is indicative of the capacity and robustness of the system developed by Techedge.

” Many projects have been implemented in record time with highly complex technological and business landscape,” says Fabio Cerioni, CTO of Techedge, who also adds, referring to the results of the test, that “the indices obtained corroborate the strength and flexibility of the technological solution “.

Immediate Provision of VAT Information

As will be recalled, as from July 1, 2017, the new Immediate Information Delivery System (SII) entered into force , creating a model of instant information to be filled in by certain subjects of Value Added Tax.

Specifically, since that date, they are obliged to supply information through the AEAT electronic headquarters whose operations volume has exceeded during the previous calendar year the 6,010,121.04 euros. Likewise, these obligations must be met by those enrolled in the REDEME who apply the monthly refund system and entities that are part of the special regime of the entity group.

The rest of entrepreneurs or professionals will be able to take advantage of the SII, voluntarily, by means of the presentation of the census declaration during the month of November of the previous year. However, for the year 2017, the option can be made in the month of June.

A simple process

Techedge B + SII offers companies a minimum of effort to manage the process and reduce the risk of possible sanctions. It is also an integrated solution with SAP systems. Among its main features, it stands out that it can be used either under the On Premise model, integrated in the PI system, or through Cloud.

The solution can be used either under the On Premise model, integrated in the PI system, or through Cloud

Techedge B + SII reconciles IVA books between the AEAT and the company’s ERP, and has reprocessing capability, allowing the correction and sending of data immediately. In addition to validating in real time the NIF and the name of your customers, you have an alarm engine that notifies errors of unsent records.

It also has a data governance dashboard and an analytical scorecard of your SII processes.