The company has presented a study on the use of Spanish IoT and will open in this week in Madrid the laboratory “The Thinx” to develop IoT solutions.

Telefónica has carried out, together with   Accenture and Ipsos , the ” Things Matter ” study, in which it wanted to reflect the reality of IoT in Spain from the user’s experience.
During the presentation of this study, Vicente Muñoz, President of the IoT Department at Telefónica, stressed the importance of this technology for the company, ” the IoT is in the DNA of the company, ” he said.

Arriving at the end of 2017 , the company expects to conclude this year with revenues of about 290 million euros in its IoT business . This would be 30% more, compared to 2016.

The IoT department of Telefónica carries out digital transformation projects in sectors such as retail, movility or smart energy. In the latter, Rosalía Simón, Director of the Smart Cities Department of IOT Telefónica , explained the case of collaboration that the company has developed with the Government of the United Kingdom, which it wanted to install in more than 30 million smart meter homes. This technology will help save about 18 million pounds between users, energy companies and government.

84% of respondents know of IoT use cases, but more than 30% do not believe that this will provide differential value

Although the term IoT remains unknown to most of the individuals surveyed, 84% does relate this technology to practical cases such as smartwatch (95% of respondents know them) or mobile applications that help find parking in the city (66% of the drivers surveyed)

However, within the uses offered by the IoT, not all respondents have shown a positive opinion of this technology. The main negative point has been indicated by 32% of respondents who do not believe that this new technology will provide a differential value with respect to what they already have. On the other hand, 20% distrust the use that is given to the data collected by the connected devices and 18% consider that these devices have a high price .

Despite this distrust on the part of users towards IoT technology, Telefónica is optimistic and believes that ” the main obstacle to adoption lies mainly in the current ignorance of uses and benefits, as well as the lack of widespread recognition that all things connected are part of the same technological development called the Internet of Things. “

Spaces The Thinx

This Thursday, November 2, will be the opening of The Thinx , in Madrid. An open space available to developers, partners and entrepreneurs where they can perform the entire process of developing an IoT solution, from the prototype to a test in real environment. Telefónica offers in these spaces an exact replica of the networks, as well as the necessary support to connect and integrate the technologies in the IoT solutions.
Currently, there are several The Thinx spaces in operation in Chile and Rio de Janeiro; and soon more will be opened in London, Berlin and Buenos Aires. According to Telefónica, the space in Madrid is thethe only laboratory of the 26 of the GSMA that integrates all the relevant players in the network part, chipsets and platforms, including other technologies such as sigfox.