It is a year older, with new trends in the big data. ComputerWorld and IDC organized the meeting in which new trends in the massive processing of data are protagonists.

While most businesses already use big data within the decision-making processes related to business operations, their scope continues to expand and evolve, offering new business opportunities and innovation. It is already a reality that the data will become a strategic asset, marketed between companies, directly or in marketplaces . However, in Spain the adoption of big data is so simple: 44% of companies do not know what steps are necessary to undertake a project of this type.

According to IDC, the big data market segment will have a 20.4% annual growth between 2014 and 2019. By the end of 2017, revenue growth from data-based products will be double the growth of the rest of the portfolio and by 2018 75% of business development and ISV will include cognitive functionalities.

To dig deeper into this great pillar of the digital revolution, IDC and IDG welcome managers of large technology companies at the Ritz Hotel in Madrid on Tuesday 19 October.   The speakers will present to a wide variety of guests interested in the need to work in big data in their respective companies.