30.5% of the largest 10,000 websites take measures to thwart the blocking of ads, often imperceptible to Internet users.

As little as they like ads – especially giants and invasives – Internet users, websites need them. So many of them, especially the biggest ones, are waging a silent battle against the adblockers .

According to research from the University of Iowa and the University of California at Riverside, 30.5% of the largest 10,000 websites take action to thwart ad blocking.

Not only that. Frequently, websites use difficult methods to warn users. Many employ scripts to introduce bait content that triggers ad blockers, which causes the site to relay ads in a way that blockers can not detect.

Previous estimates had recognized the use of these surreptitious methods, but at no more than 5% of large sites, according to Engadget . Data from the two American universities suggest that this practice is actually much more common .

It is, however, a kind of game of cat and mouse. The adblockers can change your Javascript to trick anti – lock systems ads, and even detect material that bait and refuse to block it . However, this latest discovery suggests a growing race between the websites that rely on advertising and the adblockers that fight the annoying ads, which continually try to impose each other.