Sales of software and business services increased by 11.5% in the third quarter of fiscal year 2018.

The results of the third quarter (3Q) of the 2018 fiscal year of BlackBerry have exceeded market expectations due to a  record revenue of software and services.

The enterprise mobility and security software provider has achieved non-GAAP earnings of 3 cents per share on a turnover of 226 million dollars. On the basis of PCGA, BlackBerry has reported a loss of 52 cents per share.

Wall Street expected that during this quarter the company reached a turnover of 215.4 million dollars.

The manufacturer based in Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) has announced that the total revenue from software and services has reached 199 million dollars. Sales of software and business services have increased by 11.5% to $ 97 million  with the addition of nearly 3,000 business orders from clients such as NATO and the US Department of Justice.

On the other hand, revenues from licenses and intellectual property stood at 50 million dollars, 67% more year-on-year. The revenues of the BlackBerry technology solutions group have remained stable at $ 43 million and the company’s gross margin has risen to 74.3%.

“We have had a very solid third quarter, reaping new achievements with our strategy, which strengthens our base for future growth. We are a market leader in secure endpoint management and integrated software ,  said BlackBerry CEO John Chen.

In terms of prospects, BlackBerry expects revenues for the entire year to be in the range of 920 to 950 million dollars. In its software and services business, the company expects annual growth of between 10% and 15%.