People, devices and networks are constantly generating data . When users broadcast or play videos, when we enjoy the latest game with friends on social networks, when we make purchases or work through a specific application, our activity generates data about needs and preferences, as well as the quality of the use experience of each of those services we use. Even when users are inactive in our digital environments and our devices are in our pocket, the network is managing information such as location, time and other data and metadata that keep the services running and ready to be used at our convenience and in a manner immediately.

As a result, the growth rate of data traffic in networks and especially in mobile networks is skyrocketing. According to our recent report (Mobility Report, June 2017), there has been the highest annual data growth globally during 2016, with one million new mobile Internet users planned per day until 2022, at which point total traffic of mobile smartphone data will have increased nine-fold, reaching 66 exabytes per month .

The use of these massive data can be a relevant basis for managing real-time decisions and actions of great commercial, financial and even strategic depth in all sectors and industries. The network, systems and commercial platforms are the pillars for data collection and the launch of real-time decision processes . In turn, the sequence, data, information and knowledge, become the fundamental triggers to be able to bring differential value to the business and execute the optimal decisions at any moment.