A survey of technology managers asks who leads the research and implementation career of blockchain technology.

Leaders of the IT sector have positioned IBM as a leader in the development of ‘blockchain’ technology.

The survey, which has been compiled by Juniper Research and has involved 400 executives from the IT sector, has positioned the Blue Giant over Microsoft and Accenture, who have ranked second and third respectively.

As shown in the study, 67% of the companies have already invested more than $ 100,000 by the end of 2016 in ‘blockchain’ technology, although the type of project is not specified. Almost all of these companies will use at least the same amount in the current year.

Experts believe that this trend – the inclination to continue betting on the research of this technology – reveals that the initial investment has paid off.

A strong bet

The IT industry’s perception of IBM’s leadership role in the ‘blockchain’ segment is justified by the huge impetus the company has given to technology research.

Among the initiatives announced are the opening of a Blockchain Innovation Center in Singapore , a program to accelerate the adoption of technology in companies or the launch of a cloud service to secure blockchain networks, among others.

IBM sees huge potential for technology especially in the banking sector, a segment that is rapidly adopting technology. According to a study by the company itself, 15% of financial institutions work in the implementation of commercial solutions with the technology for 2017.