After failures in production at the beginning of the manufacturing process, the new flagship could suffer supply delays after its launch next week.

Apple’s new iPhone has seen production failures early in its manufacturing process, which could lead to supply bugs and post-launch delays next week , as The Wall Street Journalhas advanced .

The production failures have delayed the manufacturing process by one month , according to sources quoted by the newspaper.

“I doubt that anyone interested in a new iPhone will change brands if they have to wait a few months,” said BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk, in the face of delays that may arise.

Apple fans and investors are eagerly expecting to celebrate the  iPhone’s tenth anniversarywith the arrival of the iPhone 8 to see if it offers enough  new features  to bring a “next generation Apple.”

Among the new features already known, Cupertino have opted to adopt OLED high-resolution displays for the new device  along with better touch screen technology and wireless charging.