Apple introduces the iPhone X, the most expensive in its history. The company presents the expected iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models that offer a slight evolution compared to the previous generation, and the new iPhone X with OLED display, facial recognition and bionic chip.

Jorge Dinarés (Micro Focus): ” We are prepared to be the company that consolidates the software market” . The evolution of the company, which has just taken over the assets of HPE software worth $ 8.8 billion , goes through a strategy of acquisitions, a solvent operating model and business management and innovation focused on the customer, according to their maximum agent in EMEA.

The AEPD fines Facebook with 1.2 million euros. The Agency believes that Facebook has violated privacy rules when using personal information for advertising purposes.

Meg Whitman joins the Dropbox management team. Following his unsuccessful departure to Uber, Meg Whitman joins the board of Dropbox in a position that will match the direction of HPE.

Why Google refuses to accept the fine filed by Brussels. More than the record amount of the sanction, the Mountain View company is sorry that it is reproached that it is acting against the interests of the users.

And in cybersecurity (CSO):

The United States vetoes the Kaspersky software to public bodies. S i three months ago the Russian company was declared illegal, now the US government has set a deadline of 90 days to remove all Kaspersky software in operation. It does so by alleging alleged relations between the company and Putin’s government.

The hangover of the ‘Equifax case’: criticism of users and a million dollar demand. They ask the company for a compensation of 70,000 million dollars.