NoCoin will allow you to block pages with cryptocurrency mining scripts, in the same way that ads are already blocked.

With the release of Opera 50 beta RC , it has been discovered that Opera, in addition to allowing ad blocking, will protect its users against cryptocurrency mining .

And is that the new Opera comes with a function for anti-money currency as Bitcoin. Called NoCoin , its mission is to prevent the miners from sneaking into the computer and taking advantage of their computing capacity.

The creators of this browser explain that “your CPU running at 100% capacity, the fan going crazy seemingly without reason and your battery running out quickly could be indications that someone is using your computer to mine cryptocurrencies.” And that “this cryptocurrency mining can sometimes continue after I’ve visited the site for the first time.”

To avoid this problem, Opera will block pages with scripts mining of criptomonedas as it does with advertising . The only thing that the users will have to do is to enable said blocker from the configuration or preferences part.