The event will look for entrepreneurs who will lead future startups of foodtech, traveltech, edutech, SaaS and ecommerce.

New Nuclio Weekend Call , the event to find the future management teams of the startups accelerated by the Nuclio Venture Builder, the incubator cofounded by Maria Hidalgo, Alex Diaz and Marc Torres. The third edition of the Nuclio Weekend will be held the next 20, 21 and 22 October in Barcelona .

In this event , entrepreneurs postulate to lead some of the projects that are organized from the incubator, which in this call will focus on the areas of food, travel, education, commerce and cloud.

Throughout this weekend, the participants will have to face different challenges with which to demonstrate different key skills in the management of such an initiative, such as creativity, adaptation, leadership or work capacity in equipment.

The organization emphasizes the search for ambitious and committed professionals, as characteristics desired to be chosen as a candidate. The profiles demanded are of CEO or COO, CMO, CTO, CFO, experts in business and sales and creative specialized in design as in user experience. Interested parties can register until October 10 .

The accelerated projects will be specialized in foodtech, traveltech, edutech, SaaS and ecommerce . Those chosen to be part of the startups management team will benefit from a percentage of the company they work in addition to a full-time dedication salary and help in finding funding.

The two previous editions have already begun to bear fruit. Housfy , a platform for the sale of flats without commission of real estate, has raised 700,000 euros in its first round of financing. Brokoli Seguros , an insurtech that is being promoted as the first mobile brokerage , has been presented less than a month ago .