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Top 15 Best Crypto-Currency in 2018 for Investments

2017 behind, you can call it “the year of Crypto-currency”.

When the year 2017 began, the aggregate market capitalization of all the crypto-currencies was only $ 17.7 billion. However, by the end of December this figure exceeded $ 650 billion, or an increase of more than 3,500% in about a year.

True, Bitcoin was not very lucky in the past year. Starting in 2018, history is no longer just about BTC. Instead, we are talking about which Crypto currency can become the next bitcoin, or better than Bitcoin.

And not everyone can afford to buy 1 BTC for $ 13,000- $ 16,000.

Consider these 15 crypto currency.


The most profitable crypto currency in 2017 was Ripple. It took off only from $ 0.0065 per coin, and then by the end of 2017, voila! Each coin was sold at a price of $ 2.47, which means 37000% of the profit if you invested in it. At the moment, Ripple is trading for $ 1.95.

As for market dominance, it became the second largest with $ 142 billion, while Bitcoin’s market capitalization was $ 251 billion. At the moment, the market capitalization is $ 75 billion.


Started the year with less than $ 10 Ethereum increased by 9000% in 2017. Its market capitalization is $ 132 billion. At the moment, the ethereum is trading at $ 1,370.

If you are thinking of investing about $ 10,000, this is a good option for buying coins of the Etherium. He can still climb to the top.

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, which was formed in early 2017, currently has 200 organizations that test the version of the Ethereum blockbuster in a variety of industries, demonstrating that technology can go beyond applications focused only on currency, which Bitcoin can not do . In particular, the inclusion of the protocols of smart contracts in the block system (smart contracts help to facilitate, verify or agree on the performance of the contract) makes it a very popular choice among corporate clients.


Lightcoin became the 3rd most successful coin in 2017, the value of which grew by almost 5000%. One Lightcoin costs about $ 246 at the moment.

With a market capitalization of $ 13.2 billion, with this crypto currency you have a decent chance to earn. You can sleep peacefully, that investments in LTC will not burn out in an instant.

Sometimes it is called Bitcoin-Lite, since it broke away from Bitcoin in 2011, Litecoin is an intriguing crypto currency, because it seems to have a number of advantages over BTC.

It’s true that Lightcoin is created to become the next p2p payment intermediary, such as Bitcoin. Nevertheless, he has a founder who fully devotes himself to the development, the coin has a faster block processing speed that allows rewarding of miners, has a more decentralized proof-of-work algorithm than Bitcoin, and perhaps most importantly, he implemented SegWit (Segregated Witness) update in its circuit. This update helps significantly improve the throughput of the unit, reducing the time and cost of transactions.


With a current market capitalization of $ 8 billion, and $ 1,053 per coin, this currency is worth the risk, its numbers are rising, and who knows, the price could reach $ 10,000 by the end of the year.


With a price of about $ 439 and a market capitalization of $ 7 billion, this currency is on the rise, and buying a few coins from them within a few months will not hurt.

You know after all: “Trust in the best and prepare for the worst”? “. You can be sure that even in the worst case scenario, you will receive $ 90 of the $ 100 spent on the purchase of Monero.

Confidential coins or crypto-currencies that support protocols designed to protect the confidentiality and anonymity of the sender (or receiver) of coins suddenly become very popular as they are decentralized. At the top of this list, Monero, which recently sought to get into the top 10 Crypto-currency by market capitalization, could very well be.

What makes Monero so special is the use of ring signatures through its open source protocol, known as CryptoNote. Ring signatures act as a group of signers on a joint bank account, but in this case the actual subscriber remains unknown. A one-time key, known as a stealth address, is generated by the sender of the XMR (Monero coin), and only the recipient of these funds can detect and spend these funds.


Nem costs about $ 1.41, and market capitalization – $ 13 billion. It can have a good value for investment.

The good thing about this crypto currency is that there is a fixed number of coins that you can exchange to either current coins increase in their value or they stay where they are.

NEM and its XEM coin are not as familiar to the rumor as Bitcoin, but XEM grew by 30,000% from December 31, 2016 to December 25, 2017. Like many other crypto currencies in this list, blocking is an important reason why the crypto currency has become successful.

NEM, more than exclusively on corporate clients, focused on p2p payments and transfers, whether retail or corporate. Since the NEM Foundation is based in Singapore, it is not surprising that its biggest victory in 2017 was the September announcement of a partnership between NEM and the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). MDEC is a government agency that deals with digital infrastructure, security and technology in Malaysia, which means that this can have a significant impact on the adoption of XEM in Southeast Asia.



The price is $ 0.012 per coin, market capitalization is $ 1.4 billion with a decent, but not so bright, probability of an increase in value. Perhaps because of its name.

People want to take their money seriously, and the name is the first, which reflects the seriousness of any business. Therefore, if I were you, I would invest my investment in another coin.


Currently, it is sold at a price of $ 0.44, market capitalization is $ 438 million. This crypto currency has a good potential to generate a profit of not less than 500% during 2018.

The currency is supported by a multifunctional broker and a payment processing module, so you can expect that it will rise and shine in the coming months.


Stellar (formerly known as Stellar Lumens) fluctuated between 10th and 20th place in terms of market capitalization for several weeks. As in Efiruim, Stellar’s blockbuster is its main selling point, and it similarly includes the protocols of smart contracts. Nevertheless, Stellar positions itself as a corporation, not just financial service companies.

In October, Stellar announced a partnership with IBM (NYSE: IBM) and KlickEx – dozens of banks in the South Pacific region are developing and implementing Stellar’s blocking technology for processing payments in different currencies from IBM customers. If successful, Stellar has the ability to scale its block in new regions, which is great news, as IBM generates tens of billions of dollars from foreign customers.


Komodo is a relatively new crypto currency, but it has a number of achievements that virtual users and coin investors will appreciate. Naturally, as in the case of most of these crypto-currencies, blockage is again an important point.

With the blocking platform from Komodo, you have the option to choose between transparent anonymous transactions (you will immediately learn about the appearance of confidentiality motives) using the technology that is used to confuse the source of these transactions arising from the fact that it uses Zcash crypto currency. Komodo also plans to launch 32 independent, money-bound crypto-currencies, which can provide the easiest conversion between the currency and crypto currencies.


Blocking also became the driving force for IOTA, which last year reached the fourth position in terms of market capitalization. A big catalyst was the announcement in November from the IOTA Foundation, a German non-profit organization that controls IOTA, that it is releasing its Data Marketplace for a two-month demonstration.

The IOTA Data Marketplace database is a setting that will allow enterprises to sell data to stimulate data exchange, rather than spend data. In addition, this Marketplace “without blocks”, that is, transactions on the network can be made free of charge. This helps solve one of the biggest limitations of blocking technology (transaction fees), and also provides scalability for the demo version. IOTA has already teamed up with companies such as Accenture and Deutsche Telekom, with ambitions for additional major partners in the future.


Verge, which was just a trifle a year ago, exploded more than 1,500% in December – and no, it’s not a mistake! He is also part of the recent insecurity on currency secrecy, and he received a good boost in connection with the latest positive comment from John McAfee, CEO of MGT Investments and former owner of McAfee antivirus software.

The secret sauce for Verge is the use of several networks with anonymity, such as I2P and Tor, to obscure the user’s IP addresses and ensure that transactions are not tracked. Verge offers a fast transaction time in its chain between five seconds and already offers several secure mobile wallets, including the Tor Android Wallet for mobile anonymity.


If you want something really unique, invest in Einsteinium. At one point, EMC2 grew more than 200,000% during 2017, but since then it has retreated slightly after parabolic growth.

It is interesting in Einsteinium that it becomes a charitable foundation of scientific, technological, educational and research studies. Each time the reward for the block is paid to the miners for the verification of transactions, the Einsteiunium Foundation receives 2.5% of this award. Approximately 80% of the funds received are sent for research, and the remaining 20% ​​for marketing and donations. The Einsteiunium Foundation often votes for which project, in their opinion, should be financed in the future. And, most importantly, the extraction of EMC2 is relatively simple compared to other crypto-currencies, which suggests that potentially anyone can participate.

Binance Coin

Do you want an alternative way to think about taking advantage of the crypto currency hobby? Consider the Binance coin (BNB), which is the official coin in the Binance currency trading market, where there is a trade in crypto-currencies (without exchange rates). Not only is the investor supposedly benefiting from the increase in trading volume, but transaction charges for Binance, which are paid to BNB, unlike bitcoins, receive a large discount of up to 50% per year of use, as well as smaller discounts in the form of discounts for the first four years.

In addition, Binance recently announced plans to buy up to 100 million BNB in ​​the first quarter of 2018. When a publicly traded company buys its own shares, it often inflates the value of the remaining shares by reducing existing shares. The same can be true for Binance Coin, if up to 100 million BNB will be permanently withdrawn from circulation.

Steem Dollars

Steem Dollars is one of three virtual coins attached to the Steemit social network, which rewards creators of content when their work gets support, as well as those people who do the work of other people.

Steem Dollars is not something you can buy on any crypto-exchange. In fact, they can not be sold on any of them. First you need to create popular content on Steemit, and then get 50% of your “salary” in Steem Dollars. What’s really good about Steem Dollars is that they are theoretically tied to the US dollar in order to somewhat reduce the volatility of the fall – but they earn 10% growth per year. Do you get a 10% interest rate right now for your money? Probably no! At any time, you can convert your Steem Dollars to Steem, and then cash these Steem coins into actual US dollars.