Almost half of the virtual reality headsets placed during the third quarter of 2017 were Sony’s PlayStation VR.

The numbers of Canalys for the third quarter of the year confirm that the summer months have been favorable for the virtual reality market.

And, according to his account, between July and September more than 1 million virtual reality helmets were distributed all over the world . This is a milestone because never before had that figure been exceeded in a single quarter.

Of that million, practically half bear the seal of Sony . This company placed more than 490,000 PlayStation VR during the third quarter. In second place is Oculus with 210,000 units of Rif t and, after it, HTC with 160,000 units of Vive VR.

This means that the top three classifieds, Sony, Oculus and HTC, account for 86% of shipments.

The positive feelings should continue for this market during the next months. Canalys believes that it will gain momentum next year through Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality platform.