The operator has developed algorithms with Ericsson and Huawei that will allow it to anticipate problems and improve the allocation of resources.

Vodafone has announced that its Center of Network Excellence located in Spain has developed together with Ericsson and Huawei a series of artificial intelligence algorithms that will allow it to advance towards a predictive network .

And, thanks to these algorithms, your mobile network will be able to anticipate problems and optimize the allocation of resources , choosing alternatives that are more suitable for users at any time and place.

In practice this means that the number of dropped calls should be reduced.

When working with information on signal levels according to frequencies, the algorithms can learn which combinations each connection should receive. And one advantage is that the algorithms learn constantly and automatically according to data processing and pattern recognition.

“These artificial intelligence algorithms will choose which is the best cell to assign to each user with the particularity that the terminal will not have to measure the level of signal it receives from the network,” they explain from Vodafone.

And the download speed will be enhanced. “In the current pilots,” Vodafone continues, “artificial intelligence allows halving the time in which the transfer of calls or data between cells and nodes is made. In this way, the terminals are available for more time to continue downloading data, which in turn increases the speed of these downloads. ”

The new technology will begin to be applied to the commercial network of the company in Spain throughout this same year .