That figure corresponds only to one of Waymo’s trade secrets that Uber supposedly appropriated, but there are another eight in demand.

The legal battle between Waymo and Uber for the alleged theft of trade secrets by the second one already has a monetary evaluation. Waymo claims Uber a total of 2.6 billion dollars in damages, according to CNET .

This figure was made public Wednesday during a hearing for the case in a federal court in San Francisco. According to reports, that figure of 2.6 billion dollars corresponds to only one trade secret , but there are another eight in demand. The final compensation could therefore be very high, even for a lawsuit between US companies.

Waymo’s case against Uber centers around former Google employee Anthony Levandowski , who allegedly stole 14,000 “highly confidential” files before leaving the company to found his own self-driven truck startup. Uber bought that startup several months later for 680 million dollars and placed Levandowski as head of its program of autonomous vehicles.

Levandowski was later dismissed by Uber. However, Waymo claims he does not rule out the possibility that the ridesharing company is still using the stolen files to develop its own automotive technology.

The hearing yesterday aimed to discuss whether to delay the trial of the case, currently scheduled to begin on 10 October . Waymo is pushing to postpone the trial in order to have more time to monitor the evidence related to the case recently obtained. Meanwhile, Uber wants the trial to be held on the scheduled date.