The rise of cryptocurrencies is exploited by cybercriminals.

The boom experimenting with bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies entails the attraction of thousands of investors and funds, but also has its dark side.

It is the cybercriminals, who have set their eyes on them and have developed a Trojan configured to steal them and whose activity has been increasing as the value of these currencies increased.

From the security firm Sophos explain that this Trojan, known as CoinHive , is a crypto, so that takes advantage of JavaScript technology to extract cryptocurrencies , and does so hiding in virtually any web page that includes it.

The criptomineros compete to bring to light new cryptocurrencies, a task for which they need to have several computers running .

To expand CoinHive malware, cybercriminals run it on infected websites without asking users for permission , stealthily accessing victims’ CPUs.

The problem faced by infected users is that CoinHive is increasingly hidden in a greater number of web pages, and regardless of the slowdown it produces in users’ computers, it is difficult to detect their presence .