The nteriormente known as Vanillacoin the Vcash was designed in an innovative way. It aims to prevent espionage and censorship by promoting decentralized transactions and that use energy efficiently. Vcash also differ from other A altcoins for not having a phase of pre-mining or pre-sale.
One of the biggest innovations is the Vcash ZeroTime technology. It allows transactions to be made in near real time in a secure manner, while the bitcoin network can take up to two hours to confirm a transaction.

Demonstration of a transaction with Vcash ZeroTime

As mining Vcash

The Vcash is constantly developing, and its mining can be done solo or shared way ( pool mining ). However, according to the developers, mining soil is no longer viable due to difficulty , which is changed every block mined.
If you are interested in mining Vcash in a pool , the bigger ones are currently Vcash Pool  and Supernova .

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How to buy Vcash

Currently, there is no exchange in Brazil that offers Vcash. Like most altcoins the Vcash can be purchased on international exchanges Bittrex and Poloniex .

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Social media

Official Site | Twitter | Facebook | Official Forum | IRC | Group Vcash BRasil XVC

Vcash price


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