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What verticals bring more IoT devices? [Gallery]

By 2025 there will be about 1.8 billion smart things in the European Union. But how will the connected devices be distributed from sector to sector?

Devices and more connected devices. This is the future that awaits us as the Internet of Things (IoT) is gaining momentum.

According to the European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) forecasts in its annual economic report, “IoT market will see rapid expansion over the next decade.” And there will be several sectors that will contribute to growth.

The most prominent in the European Union will be the utilities sector , as it will contribute 684.2 million smart things in 2025 out of the almost 1.8 billion that are expected by then. A lot of those things will be measuring devices. “This market is mainly driven by the regulation of gas and electric meters, where there is a target of 80% of the market,” says the ETNO.

But there is life beyond energy and supplies, as well reflected by a Statist chart from the numbers of the operator association, which in turn is based on IDATE.

For example, it is estimated that the contribution of the automotive sector will increase strongly in coming years. And the rest of verticals? What will become of them? What will be the largest IoT segments in Europe?

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