Some business accounts will be displayed with a green badge next to them, to indicate that WhatsApp has verified your phone number.

WhatsApp managers want to make the popular messaging application a more attractive tool for brands. For this, it is experiencing the possibility of offering companies verified accountsin its platform.

On its website, the company notes that some business accounts will be shown with a green plaque next to it , which denotes that WhatsApp has confirmed that its phone number belongs to a business account. Even so, it does not specify what kind of checks it is conducting to verify companies.

WhatsApp further notes that business verification is currently limited to a small number of companies participating in a pilot program.

According to TechCrunch , users will be informed when they talk to a company through yellow messages within the chat. Those who already have the phone number of a company stored in their address book will see the name that they have saved. However, when that number is not on the agenda, the name you will see is the one the company has chosen.

Alternatively, WhatsApp might intend to offer users a business search function , so they can manually locate relevant business accounts when they need it. The company said users could prevent a company from contacting them using the standard account lockout process.

The company owned by Facebook takes time to test business accounts , with a view to opening a monetization channel. In January 2016, CEO Jan Koum announced that he had a B2C test service, focused on large corporate clients. In August 2016, he advanced that would allow companies to enter their platform, including the possibility of sending marketing messages to users.