What is the launch of the new HPE Pointnext service organization?

LP: HPE’s strategy  is based on three pillars: the first is how to make the Hybrid IT simple, the second is our commitment to endow intelligence with the third pillar is about all the services and expertise for convert all these technologies into simple and simple solutions to adopt for our customers.

Therefore, HPE Pointnext is one of the three strategic pillars of the future of the company. The most important thing to note is that we raise the importance of the value of services as our customers and partners expect solutions from us, not simply technology to help them respond to the challenges of digital transformation in which they are immersed. And all this in an increasingly flexible and based on consumption models.

As for the name, it wants to express that our mission as an organization is to work with our clients and partners to provide solutions that help our clients define their future. HPE Pointnext wants to reflect that we help define and point to the next step in that digital transformation journey.

Why has the technology services organization been relaunched? And what’s new in HPE Pointnext, in addition to the new name?

LP: We see it as a redefinition and re-aggregation of our capabilities in technology services. Our customers want, as a result of their digital transformation, to achieve tangible business results: higher revenues, lower costs, increased customer satisfaction, etc. That is where we want to focus, in facilitating this process and for that, we have to organize our portfolio of services from the perspective of the life cycle of our clients services. In this way, we move from consulting and transformation services to professional services and from there to support and operation services. Based on how we articulate and deliver these services to the market, now we will be of much more value for our customers.

And what’s new? At the beginning we have taken the skills that we have always had in technological services and we are building on them. One of our objectives is to accelerate the talent and experience that we have in the area of ​​consultancy and transformation, to align them around the solutions that we are introducing in the market and that we will see today. You have heard of IT Hybrid and Intelligent Edge. We are conscientiously analyzing the portfolio from this perspective and we want to be very specific about the elements we are going to address.

Based on the need of our clients to have knowledge and capacity in all areas, we are defining ‘points of view’, models, reference architectures, methodologies, criteria based on our experience, and thus we want to be able to work with and for our customers to deliver that experience throughout the entire life cycle.

One of our objectives is to accelerate the talent and experience we have in the area of ​​counseling and transformation

What is the differential value of HPE Pointnext?

LP: Unlike our competitors, which offer solutions and architectures based on closed solutions, from HPE Pointnext we have always defended open architectures. We now have the opportunity to work and offer solutions with companies such as Chef, Puppet, Docker, Mesosphere and many more; with which to build new types of IT solutions that provide the agility that our customers demand together with security in the deployment. That’s what sets us apart. And that kind of solutions can be provided at the level of computing, storage and networking, with our network solutions based on software from another partner such as Arista. That is our differential and our competitive advantage, nobody can offer integrated solutions in this type of new technologies.

And all this, how does it materialize in Spain?

LP: This is not a strategic movement that takes place on a global level and there it stays. We are talking about a bet we are running in the same way here in Spain. We have a large team of professionals, we have executed hundreds of projects and thousands of interventions every year, and we have the highest market ratings in customer satisfaction and quality of service delivered. This is the basis on which we are building HPE Pointnext in Spain. The local bet to go for this huge opportunity is firm and determined.