Workday’s alliance with Duo Security will allow the former to incorporate more secure access to its finance and human resources solutions.

Workday and Duo Security have sealed an agreement to implement more security in the cloud applications of the first. The company specializing in applications of finance and human resources will thus offer reliable access through multi-factor authentication (MFA) , which ensures a very easy use but guarantees that “the right people will access the indicated applications”.

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In addition, Workday will integrate these MFA functionalities into the interface of its applications to further strengthen security and mitigate possible phishing and phishing incidents.

They are tools aimed primarily at companies where the workforce changes, with full-time, part-time workers, employees, etc. They use the same devices but also from different locations. With Duo Security solutions, companies can manage these changes while ensuring the integrity of each one’s profiles while maintaining employee productivity.

“Duo’s integration with Workday is another way to help ensure that all Workday customers take advantage of the MFA to protect both their employees and their companies,” said Josh DeFigueiredo, Workday’s chief trust officer . “Our alliance reinforces both the security protections we incorporate into the Workday technology platform and the commitment we take to safeguard customer data from the first day.”

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“This is a natural partnership for two cloud leaders focused on secure and people-focused IT companies,” says Jon Oberheide, director of technology and co-founder of Duo Security . “Together we will help further protect the most confidential data and applications of our customers, no matter where or how they work.”

Taken together, Workday and Duo Security solutions offer greater flexibility for employees, enhanced security in more sensitive data and more knowledge and control of vulnerable devices .

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