The event will be held just the day before the presentation of the iPhone 8, already confirmed by Apple.

There is still the selling volume of smartphones from Xiaomi of the two big companies in the market, Samsung and Apple . But the Chinese companies are determined to fight for part of the base of the Korean and the American, and in that effort, Xiaomi has chosen a day for the presentation of its next terminal that looks like a true statement of intent to Apple.

Xiaomi will present its Mi Mix 2 on September 11 , just the day before Apple chose to show its long-desired iPhone 8 line. The date has been confirmed by the company itself in Weibo, a social network of the Chinese country, according to The Verge .

The device in question is not yet known too much data. Designer Phillipe Starck, the same one from the Mi Mix , shared a few days ago a “conceptual product design” in which briefly shows an even thinner bevelled device.

The previous model of this line arrived last October. With a size of 6.4 inches and showing already the tendency to disappear the bezel, the device stands out for its wide screen, which occupies virtually the entire surface of the smartphone, which accompanies with internal features more than competitive at the time to position itself against Samsung and Apple.

The latest sales data positions Xiaomi as the fifth largest manufacturer behind Samsung, Apple, Huawei and Oppo. Although the distance between them is still wide, the growth of the Chinese brands is much superior to the one of its competitors in the first and second position.

In addition, Xiaomi has just secured a funding of 1 billion dollars , which will involve banking firms from countries on several continents, with the intention of boosting its international expansion. This, coupled with its commitment to high-end handsets, could help expand its market and reduce distances with Apple, increasing its share of the disputed smartphone market.