Homemade cinnamon face mask recipes


Many of the spices are widely used not only in the preparation of delicious dishes, but also in medicine and modern cosmetology. Cinnamon water is an undoubted find for the face, which will delight the owners of problematic, dry and even oily skin, the main thing is to choose a healthy and safe recipe suitable for cooking at home.

The aromatic seasoning is obtained from the bark of the cinnamon tree, and can be purchased as a finely ground powder or in the form of cinnamon sticks. On the basis of cinnamon, an essential oil is also prepared, which has all the properties of a spice and is used for the manufacture of perfumery in cosmetology, as part of masks. The widest scope of application of cinnamon is explained not only by its amazing smell, but also by its composition rich in microelements.

The effect of cinnamon trace elements on the skin of the face

The use of fresh cinnamon powder in cosmetology for body and face care allows you to reduce inflammation, activate all biochemical processes, and effectively and quickly cleanse the skin. Various essential oils can be added to masks with it. The properties of cinnamon for skin are unique, the spice is good for the face due to the following trace elements:

  • The antioxidant beta-carotene provides an optimal rejuvenating effect.
  • Retinol normalizes the work of collagen fibers and instantly restores the structure of damaged cells.
  • The properties of thiamine are the anti-inflammatory effect and the reduction of irritation on the face.
  • Riboflavin increases the supply of oxygen to the intercellular spaces and cells.
  • Cinnamon folic acid is useful for restoring the natural complexion.
  • Pyridoxine increases skin turgor.
  • Ascorbic acid enhances local immunity and skin silkiness.
  • Vitamin E from cinnamon promotes rapid cell renewal.
  • Vitamin K increases the strength of the walls of blood vessels and has a beneficial effect on blood circulation.
  • The beneficial properties of choline contained in cinnamon help reduce dryness of the face and affect the smoothing of lines and wrinkles.
  • Vitamin PP effectively tones the skin of the face, increasing its immunity to external adverse factors.

In home cosmetology, cinnamon is used in combination with many natural products. A perfect face mask is obtained if honey is mixed with spice powder, the result will be optimal when using fresh and completely natural ingredients.

Main indications for use

The mask, for which honey and cinnamon are used, is distinguished by its versatility, its regular and correct application allows you to achieve the most incredible skin transformation. A cinnamon mask is especially useful for eliminating a number of disturbing and mood-lowering defects:

  • dull and lifeless complexion;
  • flabbiness and visible wilting;
  • increased dryness;
  • oily shine on the face;
  • acne and pimples.

Cinnamon is generally tolerated as an external remedy without ill effects. In rare cases, individual reactions of intolerance occur, in order to avoid this, it is advisable to test the mask for the first time. The use of cinnamon for the face will increase the tone of the skin, tighten and refresh it. Essential oil from cinnamon in masks is used carefully, in its pure form it is applied only locally – on acne and acne breakouts.

Effective masks with optimal results

To prepare the masks, fresh cinnamon powder is taken, you can also use spice sticks, they will need to be crushed beforehand.

  • With honey
    Liquid honey in the volume of two tablespoons should be mixed with a spoonful of cinnamon powder. The prepared mask has the highest anti-aging properties.
  • With nutmegs
    Honey is mixed with chopped nutmegs and spice. All ingredients will need an equal amount, and honey must be brought to a liquid state in advance. The use of a mask with honey and cinnamon will help reduce the depth of wrinkles and nourish all layers of the skin with essential trace elements.

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