How to Troubleshoot HP Printer Offline Status Problem?


HP printers are known for their reliability and robustness but getting the printer showing offline status is very common. Almost every HP printer user gets this error message once in a while. When the printer shows an error, you are unable to use printer offline. Your printer can get into this error state due to various reasons. 

Reasons behind getting HP Printer offline status:

  1. Weak connection
  2. Outdated/corrupted printer driver 
  3. Error in the ink cartridge
  4. Issues on the printer port
  5. Paper Jamming

Best ways for fixing HP printer offline status issue:

Run HP Print and Scan Doctor tool

HP provides a scan doctor tool which can resolve various printer related errors automatically. You have to visit the HP printer website and download the HP printer and scan doctor. Run the setup and install the scan doctor on your device. Now follow the on-screen commands for running Scan Doctor tool:

  1. Click on the HP Print and Scan Doctor 
  2. Tap the Start button
  3. Choose your HP printer 
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions
  5. In Turn on printer updates option; hit the Yes button

In Set, the printer the default printer option; hit the Yes button

Now go to the device and give the print command. If your HP printer is still showing offline status then seek other solutions.

Check the HP printer connection

The HP printer can show you Offline status when the printer is unable to connect with the computer. If you have connected the printer via USB cable then inspect your cable. Try to connect some other device with the cable. If the USB cable is not working then purchase a good quality cable for printer connection. For a wireless connection, make sure the Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth is enabled on both the devices. For HP network printing, check whether the printer and device are connected to the same network or not. Search for the printer device on your computer and select HP printer. Now enter the password to connect the PC with the computer and then check whether the printer is available or not.

Inspect the printer port and Windows services status

The offline error can occur when the WSD port is dealing with some error. You can check the printer port by following the given steps:

  1. On the PC, go to Control Panel
  2. Click on View devices and printers option
  3. Now right-click on HP printer
  4. Click on Printer Properties
  5. Choose the Ports tab

Inspect whether your HP printer is using the WSD port. If yes then search for services on PC. Go to Function Discovery Provider Host and click on Startup type. If the status is running and automatic then right-click on printer properties and select Ports tab. Choose the Add Port button and choose Standard TCP/IP Port. Follow the on-screen commands and click on the OK button. Go to HP printer status to check whether the error gets resolved or not.

Try connecting the PC to TCP/IP port

If you are getting the offline error during the network printing then try to connect the PC to TCP/IP. You can use the given steps:

  1. On a Windows device, go to Printers & Scanners
  2. From the list of devices, choose your printer
  3. Click on Manage
  4. Choose Printer Properties option

Tap the Standard TCP/IP Port option and hit the New Port option. Now type the printer’s IP address and select the Next button. Choose a new Standard TCP/IP and hit the OK button. Go to the Printers & Scanner folder and check whether your HP printer is online or not.

Inspect your HP printer driver

When the printer shows offline status, click the driver of your HP printer. If the driver is outdated then right-click on it and choose the Update button. Wait until the driver update process completes and then restart the device. Now check the printer status. If the printer driver gets corrupted then uninstall it and install a new printer driver on your device. You can also ask the HP printer technical team for troubleshooting your issue.

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