Simple tips to choose your premium quality wedding flowers


Weddings are one of the most important occasions in any woman’s life and of course in the life of men it changes your words at a seed that you cannot even imagine maybe some half of your life with each other. weddings along with them bring great responsibilities for both of you because now you will be living together and you would have a whole life to spend but before that you will have to plan your wedding accordingly with budget even if your wedding is lavish there would be a budget to it. Two of the most costliest things when planning a wedding as the cake and flowers if these two match your place rented would not required so much amount of money and the bees to would be the lifeline of your wedding. But even if you have less amount of budget you can always have a wedding that looks lavish in that budget too. Follow my trips below to choose the best and premium quality of flowers for your wedding day – 

1) Seasonal Flowers 

One of the first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind when planning your wedding or thinking of purchasing flowers for your wedding is that anything that is in season will be just perfect for your wedding because not only it’s available in abundance but also at cheaper rates when choosing your wedding flowers make sure to choose seasonal flowers only and of course in seasonal flowers there are many flowers available so you can easily get lots of decoration out of simple flowers. Like for example  during winters – Leucojum, Crocus, English Primrose would make up for the perfect wild winter bouquet. 

Viola, Camellia, Pieris Japonica and Scilla would be perfect for a classy bouquet. Right now the business for wedding flowers is already slow due to the pandemic, there are many well-known online flower delivery websites that offer you the golden opportunity to purchase or book flowers right now for your wedding next year or in the coming months. 

2) Keep the venue in mind 

Another important things when it comes to getting your premises decorated with flowers is that you must keep the length of the the area to be covered in mind and according to that only you will order your flowers and of course the number of yogas and what kind of decoration you prefer will all the sides the number of flowers or bouquets that will be placed. However if you have enough time to plan your wedding properly and you don’t want to hire a professional wedding planner then all you need to do it, order Flowers bouquet online in Chandigarh and accessories that you want to add with your flowers’ natural greens of the season and get started with your bouquet and decoration. Remember that even the best wedding planners make these bouquets in advance and keep them under controlled temperatures so that on your wedding day it would look fresh.  

3) Buy in Wholesale 

Quite often we all purchase several things in wholesale or from the wholesalers market because we know that the price they are selling to us is the original price of that product rather than the retail one and obviously we don’t mind having a few cheaper things. And the best part is that you can get these flowers delivered to your doorstep without having to leave the comfort of your home. 

4) Potted plants options 

There is yet another option if you do not find the kind of plants that you want for your wedding when you can always go for potted plants. because sooner or later your wedding flowers would be of no use and you would have invested a huge amount of money in taking care of them. Once the flowers have been cut and placed on the table the clock starts ticking and obviously sooner or later they’ll be wilted. And as fresh as they might be they will not have a good shelf life. You can check online or in a nearby nursery, home decor stores with lots of options not only for decoration but potted plants too. Succulents are becoming quite popular for modern-day weddings however you should be careful with the price tag. So in this case you will purchase your wedding flowers that are the potted plants at least 2-3 weeks in advance. And it will be better to ask help from a garden decor expert and understand what you’ll have to do.  

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