Pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked


James Ward Byrkit wrote and directed the short film pirates of the caribbean tales of the code wedlocked. Based on the Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Caribbean video game franchise. Leora Glass oversees the production. Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio manage the composition. Jerry Bruckheimer serves as executive producer.

Scarlett and Giselle were featured in Wedlocked. Which Byrkit described as “an opportunity for the wench to communicate their amusing experience.” The story was centred on The Pirate Code Book. And called the very first Disneyland ride. It was also intended to be considered a prologue to the initially released film, particularly the iconic auction scene, which explains why Jack Sparrow’s ship is submerged at its opening. And why they were upset with him.

Story Was James Ward’s Idea:

The Pirate Code Book inspired Wedlocked. Because the book was a tool for later connecting other stories, he contacted Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio of Pirates and asked them for ideas for a Code-based short narrative. They chose Vanessa Branch and Lauren Maher for their story. A tale for the Pirates ride came readily to mind. Who wouldn’t want that? All with a short deadline.

In the original movie, Giselle and Scarlett were not supposed to speak. Black Pearl’s Curse Lauren Maher and Vanessa Branch were noted for their acting abilities. The wench performers could have their comedic moments, Byrkit thought. And give the two an infinite number of options.

The Cast Of Pirates of the Caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

  • John Vickery
  • Vanessa Branch
  • Lauren Maher
  • David Bailie
  • Walter Williamson
  • Fred Maske
  • Martin Horsey
  • Jack Donner
  • Ric Sarabia
  • Barry Cullison
  • Christopher Rocha
  • Dale Dickey
  • Diana Cignoni
  • Karla Cook
  • Nicole Dionne
  • Roberta Kooistra
  • Alethea Kutscher
  • Allison Long
  • Paula Long
  • Lindsey Martin

Brief Storyline Of Pirates of the Caribbean tales of the code wedlocked:

Beginning: Scarlett and Giselle are getting ready in Shipwreck Cove’s dressing room on opposite sides of a mirror. They were close to marrying after meeting and disclosing their identities. Their similar engagement rings revealed their wedding partners: Jack Sparrow. Soon after, the curtains flung open to reveal a mass of males singing and cheering. A pirate band played in the backdrop, in front of an “Auction for the Wench” sign. The Auctioneer smiles as he introduces the wench, Scarlett, and Giselle to the audience.

The Auctioneer then presented Giselle with a flower wreath. Who was the first Auctioneer to bid on a beauty? Giselle reacted outraged when a pirate gave her only five silver. Scarlett took advantage of the situation and began exaggerating when the auction started. In honour of Scarlett, the Marquis D’avis gave her twenty pieces of silver. Scarlett acquiesc Scarlett was a profitable business, and it was lucky. The Auctioneer presented Giselle with Scarlett’s flower arrangement.

We’re looking for the redhead, chants the crowd led by a drunk pirate. She realized Scarlett might beat her. Giselle and Scarlett competed to make the best offer. Giselle admitted she was underbid after a few suggestions. Scarlett and Giselle began fighting while the males mocked them. When the price reached 400, Atencio and his crew formed a corporation. The request was 600. Atencio put the goat into his offer after the pirate Nigel bid on it. He offered 72 goats, which the Auctioneer gladly accepted.

Closing: Scarlett and Giselle then halted their feud and rejoiced in their money and goats. He challenged them, saying, “I acquired my riches when the two linked.” And claimed ownership of the goats 100%. Pirates and wenches argued over whether Scarlett or Giselle should be sold. He declared that he sold them fairly and squarely under the Pirate Code. Then the pirate Mungard admonished pirates to respect the Code as the sole law. Also, anyone who broke the Code would face the wrath.

The pirates, including Mungard, were stunned. Some thought Mungard shot the Code, and Captain Teague was going insane. A crowd helped a shaky auctioneer stand. Then Mungard warned pirates and ordered the Code to be locked. That is, mentioning the occurrence will revoke their Code.

Cotton and his pet informed Mungard. “Re-acquainting” Jack Sparrow with Scarlett and Giselle’s palms. Jack had “cold feet,” so Scarlett pulled four nails from his vessel. Then showed Jack Sparrow struggling to drain his boat of water as he approached Port Royal. They transported the Pirate Code to the chest, where it was sealed.

Is it Watchable Or Not?

It has a 6.9 rating on IMDb. Pirates of the Caribbean tales of the code wedlocked is a must-see movie—a prequel to the original plot. So several things are explained that were not shown in the first. So, as a fan of the Pirates franchise, you didn’t miss.

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